Labyrinth of the Mind

Inside your mind

A labyrinth

Complex, compound

So intricate

Baffled, you are

Caught by your maze

Perplexity of mind

Hard to navigate

Where to go now?

What you’ll do next?

Whenever bemused

Yourself discombobulate.


The Daily Prompt: Bewildered


There is not a single person in this world that has not experienced bewilderment in some point of his/her life. It is not should necessarily be caused by other people or events. Most of the time it is just your mind that’s doing it. And when dealing with it, sometimes our actions made us a little bit wiser and fortunately we gained learning from it. But too often, we stumbled upon our judgments, and thus our actions tend to create more confusions, even anxieties and anger.

This is mainly because we are not familiar of the nature of our mind and what it is capable of – as well as our own body.

However, there is a technique (that has been around for thousands of thousands of years) which can help us go through this labyrinth of bewilderment caused by the mind ~ it is called “Mindfulness Meditation”

You can learn more about this technique through this article (link below), and who knows, maybe some of your deepest questions in life can be answered.


Insights On Mindfulness Meditation


Have an insightful reading friends and let me know of your thoughts.



Radharani dasi




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